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Boric Acid Uses and Advantages

Boric acid is a weak acid, non-toxic colorless crystal in powdered form used as a best antifungal, antiseptic, house cleaning and pesticides. Boric acid is made from borex through processing. Borax is used in detergent and laundry while boric acid is used to kill the insects and works as a best pesticide to kill household bugs. Boric Acid uses is also used in treating some diseases; we will check it out in the next topic of Boric Acid Uses.

Boric Acid

Advantages of Boric Acid Uses

Best Pesticide

For the household bugs, cockroaches and houseflies, honeybees, insects, boric acid is used as a best pesticide to kill the insects. Just take some flour, boric acid, confectioner’s sugar and water. Make small balls of flour boric acid and sugar. Mix all the ingredients and make dough. Now divide it into small ball and keep these small balls in the kitchen where cockroaches or ants mostly occur. It will kill the insects and also prevent cockroaches to enter in the home. Roll them all around your walls to avoid climbing ants on walls.

Boric Acid for Ophthalmic Solution

It has best antiseptic and antifungal properties which are used to wash the eyes and remove the irritation from eyes. Boric acid liquid is used to wash the eyes or irrigate the eyes. It helps to remove the impurities like smog, chlorine or other harmful chemicals. But caution do not use this when you wear contact lenses

Ear Infection Solution

Boric acid is a common insecticide helps in curing otitis externa. Just add boric acid powder into distilled water and vinegar and put few drops of this solution through ear dropping bottle. Do it twice a day. It will also remove the itchiness in the ear as it is the best antifungal agent.

Safety Tips for Boric Acid Uses

If one is allergic to boric acid, avoid it contacting with skin and eyes.

Please keep it away from the small children.

It is not so harmful but still it has a weak acid which can harm to their soft skin and eyes.

Though glacial acetic acid is natural, it may cause vomiting or diarrhea when your child ingests even small amount of boric acid.

Updated: November 26, 2016 — 5:45 am
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