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Copa America 2015 at Chile

Chile is the star South America country of the 44th edition of Copa America 2015. Chile has been nominated as a host nation and it will be organizing the Copa America 2015 score football tournament which is to be started from 11th of June and will be over on 4th of July 2015. Chile is organizing such senior international event for the first time and has shown its ability in brining all the teams at its home grounds in different eight cities including La Serena, Santiago, Valparaiso etc.


Copa America is brining a football festival in South America for almost a month. It will be the centre of attraction in the sports world. Copa America is been the high profile football tournament of world.

The host country of Copa America


Chile is the host nation in 2015 for Copa America event and it will be an opportunity for Chile to showcase its strategic talent to the world by investing in the infrastructure and it has set up the event to stage at various 9 stadiums across 8 cities of the country.


Chile has two favourable conditions to win this tournament and break the say of not having won the Copa America title anytime. The first condition is that Chilean football team has to play in their homeland only and do not have adjustment factors. The second condition is that Chile is right now blessed with its best football team with fresh generation players like Sanchez.


Chile has to play against Ecuador in the first opening match of Copa America on 11th of June at Santiago city. Santiago is Chile’s capital and another important city of Chile is Valparaiso. Some matches of Copa America are also schedules to play at Copa America 2015. Chile has also organized Copa America 2015 Groups soccer games at its other cities like La Serena.


Lets wait and watch if Uruguay succeeds in keeping the Copa America trophy with themselves or countries like Brazil and Argentina or Mexico will dominate over the football event. While Uruguay is the defending champion, We will post further updates on Copa America soon. Keep visiting us and keep looking for our posts on Copa America 2015. Copa America Conmebol soccer event is being hosted by Chile this season. While Uruguay will be trying quite probably to win the title of Copa America for 16th time, Argentina, Brazil as well asMexico will be the tough competitions for Uruguay to beat. We have earlier also written a post on the rivalry of Chile vs Ecuador.

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