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Wimbledon 2015: Will Rain Be a Worry for Wimbledon Open This Year?

It’s not even a week to go when Wimbledon Open will commence and the weather forecast suggests that there would be heavy rains during the tournament. Now this is a real worry for those who have already booked their tickets to watch Wimbledon live at the respective courts. Last week, there was heavy rainfall due to which the people heading to the Isle of Wight music festival might have to face problems in the coming days. The music festival is in the last week of June 2015. And now that, the 2 weeks of play at Wimbledon is just away, the visitors to the courts have to get their wet-weather gears on.

When is Wimbledon 2015

Wimbledon 2015 Weather Forecast:

The fact that Wimbledon Open is one of the prestigious tournaments in the history of tennis, many fans would be sad to hear that this year, the weather is expected to be rainy. If you cannot enjoy the live action, you can always check the Wimbledon 2015 live scores on various websites. Of course, if the play doesn’t begin, you cannot get them too. So everyone out there will be wishing to see the clear and shining sun as soon as the Wimbledon Open starts.

Rain Will Be a Worry at Wimbledon Open 2015:

June, the month which is considered to be one of the coldest months in the UK is almost over and the rains are about to come. According to the British Weather Services, they have warned the people of Glastonbury and Wimbledon to be ready for the unsettled conditions in the coming days. So it would be a real worry for Wimbledon Open to commence and get through the rainy period of June and early July.

Wimbledon Live Streaming Free

Enjoy the Cool Weather and Watch Wimbledon 2015 Live:

For those who still believe that there wouldn’t be any rain during this tournament can catch the live action at the Wimbledon Open venues. But if you still feel that it would rain and haven’t book the tickets to watch Wimbledon Open live, you can get many Wimbledon live stream free channels to enjoy the telecast at your home or at your workplace.

The average temperature of June is expected to be 12.3C which is the coldest month in the UK in 24 years according to the weather report. So, it’s going to be quite hard to go for a long outing at Wimbledon and watch the matches live. The weather report also suggests that there would be few sunny days during the Wimbledon Open 2015. So get ready to have more fun!

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