Get back all documents after issuance of passport

The ministry of external affairs has taken the procedure of passport application to an all different level with safe pair of hands! Practically it is something where the people had to keep their documents for the validation of the passport. For almost over than a year and lakhs of brown paper covered files containing original documents of applicants! Guess out what happens with the documents! After being stored over than a year, they are all destroyed. As a matter of fact, they are destroyed by shredding and pulping. However the latest news that came up is that the originals documents for passport as well as the photocopies of each and every document will be returned back to the public as soon as possible! Even for applications put on hold for want of additional proof, only photocopies will be retained by the passport office and not the original.


As a matter of fact the officers will decide whether they should retain the documents for further verification or they will indeed give back the file of documents at the time of deciding on granting of the passport! According to the news, after the validation of the passport, then they will individually decide as they would have loved to keep the validation procedure click here going on! The idea is as much to clear out physical space in our office as it is to benefit the applicants. As the major cities, there are bulk applications of Passport in every month, and there are lots of papers stored. So what you want to do is to get the best things noted!

According to the verification procedure which is coming up check passport status then there are a lot of things which one needs to take care of and for almost everyone a lot of people comes out to count. So when you are applying for the passport, you can get back the documents at a low time indeed and there are almost a lot of things which you need to go for. So now you will not have to wait any longer to get your documents back, you can almost grant it immediately after the passport is issued!