Which Soap Is Better? – Regular Or Medicated

We have been using soaps all our life and probably everyone nowadays knows what is a regular soap and what is a medicated soap. But do you know why they make such a huge difference? Do you know why people often suggest you use a medicated soap instead of regular soap? Do people really have any proof to justify which is better? Let’s start with the definition.

Regular Soaps: In simple words, soaps that do not contain any antibacterial properties are known to be regular soaps. The ingredients found in these soaps are usually focused on cleaning dust and oil from the surface of your skin by creating tension between soap and skin. They are found easily in general stores.

Medicated Soaps: Medicated soap, also known as antibacterial soaps, are labeled as an antibacterial that contains ingredients like triclosan or benzalkonium and sometimes even alcohol. These ingredients consist of antibacterial properties.

Both regular and medicated soaps work most when made into a lather with the help of warm water and scrubbing against your skin at least for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Now that you know the differences and similarities of both the soaps, let’s discuss its pros and cons now.

Regular Soap:


Pros of using regular soap

  • Less expensive: The most common proof of regular soap is that it is way cheaper than medicated soap. Without the antibacterial ingredients added to the soap, it becomes less expensive than medicated soap.
  • No killing of good bacteria: Because regular soap does not contain triclosan or benzalkonium, there is no concern about the killing of good bacteria on the skin.
  • Better at removing dirt: Regular soaps are much better at removing dirt as they are constructed that way. It rinses of dirt even when washing skills are not very perfect.

Cons of using regular soap

  • Less variety: nowadays, as the variety in medicated soaps has been increasing rapidly, it’s hard to choose from regular soaps.
  • Less portable: regular soaps are not as portable as hand sanitizers.

Medicated Soap:

Pros of using medicated soaps

  • Hand sanitizers: Sanitizers that has at least 60% alcohol are considered to be most effective. They are easy to use and portable.
  • Appropriate in clinical settings: Medicated soaps are way more appropriate in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities where immunity is at the margin for the patients.

Cons of using medicated soaps

  • Kills good bacteria: Overuse of medicated soaps can result in the killing of good bacteria.
  • Expensive: they are way more expensive than regular soaps.

The bottom line is that any type of soap can help you get rid of dirt and oil from your skin. you don’t necessarily need to pay extra if you don’t wish for using medicated soaps. Any of them is quite effective.